HopWRF-TS-4km Model Output

  HopWRF-TS-4km Nested Domain, 36-hour Time Shifted (runs every 6 hours)
Forecast covers a 36 hour window which can start anywhere from hour 0 through hour 138. The start time is forecaster-determined. The default, if the forecaster does not change it, is to start at hour 24 and cover the period from 24 through 60 hours.
Forecast valid times are on the images, so be sure to check them so you know what you're viewing.

  • Configuration
    • RAP Initial Conditions (with radar)
    • GFS Boundary Conditions
    • 4 km Horizontal Grid Spacing (nested within 24 km outer grid)
    • 45 Vertical Levels
    • Non-hydrostatic Dynamics
    • No Convective Scheme (explicit), Kain-Fritsch Used in 24 km outer grid
    • Goddard Single-moment 6-class Microphysics Scheme
    • Quasi-normal Scale Elimination (QNSE) PBL Scheme
    • Noah Land Surface Model w/QNSE Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory Surface Layer Scheme
    • RRTM Long Wave Radiation Scheme
    • Goddard Shortwave Radiation Scheme

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